Bed Liners and Undercoating
in Moundsville, WV

Elite Auto Glass Offers Bullet Liner Spray-On Bed Liner

Elite Auto Glass offers bed liners and undercoating in Moundsville, WV. If you own a pick-up truck, you want rugged protection for your bed while preserving its look. Lucky for you, Elite Auto Glass offers spray-on Bullet Liner bed liners that provide an attractive, lifetime finish. Bullet Liner’s high caliber protection is used almost anywhere to prevent scratches and scuffs: from truck beds and trailers to even boat decks. Bullet Liner’s bed liner creates a grip tight finish that provides footing safety, even on wet surfaces. 

Bullet Liner’s spray-on bed liner is a great investment. Whether you are hauling lumber, tools, tack for horses, or gear for a contracting job, it will protect your bed. It provides protection against stains from harsh chemicals, rust, and other corrosive damage. Bullet Liner’s bed liner can even help your truck ride quieter for comfort on longer trips. If you are looking for a high-quality bed liner, contact us today. Call (304) 281-7714 or contact us online to make an appointment or to request a free estimate.

Auto Protection Products and Services in Moundsville, WV

Any purchase of a vehicle is an investment, and you want to keep that investment protected. That is why Elite Auto Glass provides services and brand-name products for auto protection. We provide products from the following brands:

Bullet Liner


Husky Liners

ASV Vent Shades

Rough Country

…and more.

Whether you are looking for bed liners, floor mats, window shades, and more, Elite Auto Glass is your one-stop-shop for auto protection. We offer free estimates so you know what to expect. Call or visit us today at 113 Lafayette Ave., Moundsville, WV. 

Thorough Vehicle Undercoating by Elite Auto Glass

Protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle is important to avoid rust, corrosion, perforation, dents, and dings. However, living in West Virginia can make things difficult with the harsh winter seasons and lots of gravel roads. Your car or truck is exposed to many forces that can destroy its undercarriage. Elite Auto Glass offers thorough undercarriage undercoating for your peace of mind. 

In our garage, we will apply a spray-on product that covers the entire underside of your car, including all of the parts that are exposed to wear and tear: 

• Body panels

• Fenders

• Floorboards

• Frame

• Undercarriage nooks and crannies

• Wheel wells

…and more.

Our undercoating is a thick, black, non-gasoline-based product that provides ultimate protection and even cuts down on road noise. We provide auto protection for both foreign and domestic vehicles. For a free estimate, call us today or contact us online.

Contact Elite Auto Glass for bed liners and undercoating in Moundsville, WV.